Week 1 Resources – Film 4:New Media #edcmooc


A very short, very grim representation of the effects of technology on humanity. There are definite visual echoes of ‘Bendito Machine III’ here – what similarities and differences can you identify between the two films?

The similarity between this short clip and Bendito Machine is that humanity has become passive. The streets are empty – no one is moving around. They are all hooked into technology and, from what few hints we are given in this video, completely fixated on it.

The only way in which I can see any dissimilarity between this film and Bendito Machine is that the environment into which the technology was introduced in Bendito Machine was more natural. The environment that is depicted in this film is an urban landscape that is rapidly been taken over by the natural world under the seemingly passive eye of the floating technology. The modern, urban infrastructure is crumbling and is being taken over by the natural world while humans are being taken over by technology.

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