Technology Bytes Back? – #edcmooc


Well, coming to the end of the first week in the University of Edinburgh’s E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC (EDCMOOC) and, having gone through the resources for Week 1, I have been given a fair amount of info to reflect on.

Chandler’s web essay on Technological Determinism had my head in a spin, as did Dahl’s article on a Non-Reductionist Methodology. Ironically, it made me realise how deeply I have been immersed in IT systems and networks and how ‘left-brained’ and algorithmic my thinking has become because of it.Technological determinism of a sort in action? From this point of view, I can certainly see where and why a reductionist approach would evolve. Of necessity, thinking within the technological sphere certainly involves reducing the sum of the whole to its parts, particularly in a linear fashion. This is inevitable when you are involved in troubleshooting a system or network problem.

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